BJP Parliamentary Party Meeting: Never seen such directionless and desperate opposition: Modi

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New Delhi, July 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday termed ‘India’, the alliance of opposition parties, as the country’s most directionless and desperate alliance ever.

Comparing the India Alliance with organisations like the East India Company and the Indian Mujahideen, he said people cannot be misled simply by using the country’s name.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi told reporters after the meeting that the opposition was “frustrated and directionless”. The opposition has no vision.

He further said that, commenting on the behaviour of the opposition, the Prime Minister said in the meeting, “The conduct of the opposition shows that it has decided to remain in the opposition permanently for a long time.”

In the meeting, the Prime Minister lashed out at the opposition and said that our government is developing the country. The government is ready to discuss the Manipur issue, but the opposition is still not allowing the Houses of Parliament to function.

He said that India has to be a developed nation by 2047.

On the opposition Party I.N.D.I.A (Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance) plan to bring a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Joshi said that the last time the opposition brought a no-confidence motion in 2018?19, the BJP’s seats increased from 282 to over 300 in the 2019 elections.

Joshi said that this time the BJP will get more than 350 seats after the motion of no confidence in the House.