Bird Flu confirmed in 400 dead crows in Indore, Mandsaur and Agar

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Bhopal, 05 January: Bird flu has been confirmed in crows in Indore, Mandsaur and Agar districts of Madhya Pradesh, while samples have been collected and prevention action taken in case of death of crows in Ujjain, Sehore, Dewas, Guna, Shajapur, Khargone and Neemuch districts.

Meanwhile, samples from these districts are being sent to the Indian High Security Disease Research Laboratory, Bhopal and awaiting confirmation of the disease. So far, about 400 crows have been reported dead in the state.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) Sunita Dubey said on Tuesday evening that according to the animal husbandry department, the bird flu virus H5N8 has not yet been found in the chickens. Chicken and eggs etc. can be used to cook well. They do not pose any threat to human health. The state of bird flu in the state is being informed daily to the Government of India.

She informed that the Animal Husbandry Department has taken immediate action of disease control, sample collection, disinfection, disposal etc. with the coordinated efforts of Animal Husbandry, Forest, Health Department and local bodies under the guidance of collectors in the districts with bird flu. All the districts have been instructed to take action as per the advisory of the Government of India and to be vigilant.

Technical guidance is being given in coordination with districts through State Veterinary Research Laboratory, Bhopal. Suspected samples are being sent regularly to the Indian High Security Disease Research Laboratory (NISHAD), Bhopal. The Animal Husbandry Department is giving necessary information for public awareness to prevent poultry and related businessmen from bird flu.

In all the districts of the state, full vigilance and caution is being maintained by the staff of Animal Husbandry Department along with public awareness. Bhopal labs are being sent to samples immediately after receiving information about sickness or unnatural death in crows, chickens or other birds. The infected site is being immediately sanitized in collaboration with the local body.

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