Bird enclosure in Lucknow Zoo completely closed for visitors after Bird Flu cases in Kanpur Zoological park

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Lucknow, 10 January: After some positive cases of bird flu were found in Kanpur Zoological Park, several steps have been taken in view of it in Lucknow Zoological Park. Bird enclosures have been completely closed for all visitors.

An employee in Lucknow Zoo is seen sanitizing the bird enclosure

In bird enclosures, the keeper and cleaning personnel are being given entry for cleaning and feeding only by wearing PPE kits.

Zoological Director RK Singh said on Sunday that as a precaution, entry of any type of outdoor vehicles into the zoological park has been completely forbidden. All visitors and employees entering the zoological park are being given entry using footwash and only after hand sanitization. All enclosures, especially bird enclosures, are being sanitized and lime is being sprayed along the sides of the enclosures.

He said that in view of the outbreak of bird flu in the zoological park, for some time the cock and eggs given in food have been closed.

If any bird appears to have any symptoms inside or outside the enclosures of birds, then it will be sent for detailed investigation immediately. In addition, if a bird dies inside the Zoological Park premises, it will be sent for investigation after taking precautions after taking the bird flu protocol.

He said that the bird keepers have been made aware of the bird flu, so that they should be alert. The food given in the zoological park is being given to the wild animals only by cleaning it with potassium permanganate solution. Special medicines are being given to increase the immunity of all birds. A separate isolation ward has also been arranged for bird flu in the zoological park.