BHU students march in support of Citizenship Amendment Bill

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Students of the Banaras Hindu University took out march in support of the Citizenship Amendment Bill-2019 in Varanasi on Friday.

Varanasi, December 13: In support of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)-2019, students of the Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Vigyan Faculty of Kashi Hindu University took out a march by holding banners on Friday evening in Varanasi.

After the passage of the bill, amid protests in some parts of the country and the state, faculty students shouted slogans in support of the bill and marched to the university’s gate.

While talking to the students about their support to the bill, they said that this bill will bring harmony in the country . It is in favour of the country.

“Minorities living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were forced to convert into Islam either they were killed, now after the enforcement of the CAB-2019 in the Constitution of India, if they come to India, Indian government can grant them the citizenship and also thousands of refugees are already living in India for long time in different parts of the country can be granted citizenship after this bill,” a student said.