Ayodhya Deepotsav: Chief Secretary and DGP take stock of preparations

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Ayodhya, October 15: Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari held a meeting with saints and Dharmacharyas in Tulsi memorial building to make the celebration of Deepotsav smoothly in the Ayodhya. In view of that Director General of Police(DGP) Omprakash Singh, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Avnish Awasthi, Director of Information Public Relations Department and Tourism Department Shishir, Divisional Commissioner Manoj Mishra , District Magistrate(DM) Anuj Kumar Jha, former District Magistrate Anil Kumar Pathak, Water Corporation Secretary Vikas Gothalwal, MLA Ved Prakash Gupta were present in the meeting.

Addressing the meeting together, Totadrimath Mahant Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Anantacharya, Laxman Fort Mahant Maithili Raman Sharan admired Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s commendable steps in the successful preparations of the Deepostav.

Rang Mahal, located in Ramkot, Mahant Ramsharan Das expressed his happiness over Chief Minister Yogi’s allegiance to Ramnagari. So, describing the arrangement for the festival as unprecedented. Dasharatha Mahal Badaasthan Mahant Bindugadhyacharya Devendra Prasadacharya said that Deepotsav is being organized to turn the miseries of others into happiness. Rasik Peethadhishwar Mahant Janmejaya Sharan of Janki Ghat said that Deepawali will be celebrated in every hook and corner of the country with great fervor. He described the contribution of Chief Minister Yogi Aditynath in the celebration of Deepotsav as unprecedented.

Digambar Akhanda Mahant Suresh Das said suggestions and blessings of saints are taken in the Yogi government. Deepotsav is the gift of the Chief Minister to the Ayodhya. CM deserves big thanks and applause. Deepotsav has been celebrated since Tretayug in the Ramnagari. Thousands of lamps lit in every house here.

Mahant Kamalnayan Das said that the attention of the Chief Minister is always on Ayodhya. He emphasized more efforts on Saryu water. He expressed concern over the flowing drains into the Saryu River. He appealed to all the monks and temples to celebrate the Deepotsav. Deepotsav is very beautiful to celebrate for five days.

Mahant Awadh Bihari Das Arjun of Ramcharitmanas Bhavan expressed concern over the extracting of sand from Saryu river and appealed to the administration to put a curb on the illegal extraction of sand. While addressing on behalf of the officers present in the meeting, Additional Chief Secretary Home, Information, Tourism Avnish Awasthi apprised the saints and Dharmacharyas on the development work being done in Ramnagari.

Avnish Awasthi informed that 35 percent work on tapping of sewer flowing into the Saryu river has been accomplished.

Addressing Saints and Dharmacharyas, DGP Omprakash Singh said that he has come here to take the blessings of sainst and mahants. β€œIn the last two and a half years, law and order has been brought back on track,” said DGP.

MLA Ved Prakash Gupta, while addressing the saints, said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath intends to promote public participation in the Deepotsav under which the administration is working day and night in which saints have an important role to play.

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