Assam: Financial assistance of Rs 2.50 lakh to women who lost their husbands in Covid-19 second wave

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GUWAHATI, 10 June: On the completion of the month of his government, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma threw light on the functioning of his government.

In relation to the success of the state government in the first month, Chief Minister Sarma made some remarks while addressing a press conference here on Thursday.

The new state government has started Mukhyamantri Shishu Seva Yojana (MSSY) for the children affected by coronavirus. In this context, the Chief Minister said, we have received applications from such children and they are with relatives, so there is no talk of teaching in residential schools. A fixed deposit of Rs 7, 81,200 was given to 11 children. These children will get Rs 3,500 per month.

He said that we have given a check of Rs 3,500 for this month. Children will continue to get this money till the age of 24 years. This amount will be received from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Similarly, the Chief Minister said that the state government would provide one-time assistance of Rs 2.50 lakh to the women affected by Corona.

Meanwhile, on the success and failure of the government in the last 30 days, the Chief Minister said, ‘It is not right to judge the success or failure of our government in 30 days. Nevertheless, we have started some work. Recently, drugs were being supplied from Myanmar border. Many parents had complained to me about drugs during election campaign. We took responsibility and directed to take strict action against drugs.

β€œI am not satisfied; more work has to be done in this direction. Narcotics worth Rs 8 crore have been seized in a month. A large quantity of drugs was seized from Jorabat in Guwahati last night. He told that drug addicts will be kept in the rehab centre,” added CM Sharma.

On the lockdown of Corona, the Chief Minister said that efforts are being made to control the situation of the second wave of Corona in Assam. Sharma stated that we are trying to maintain the life and livelihood of the people. The first dose vaccine has been administered to almost everyone in Silchar town. This vaccine has also been given in Nagaon town. It has been indicated from the Centre that from July 1, Assam will get 3.50 lakh vaccines. By August 15, the work of applying the first dose of the vaccine will be done. At the same time, he said that Assam has helped the seven states of the Northeast during the Corona transition.