ASI carries out survey in Gyanvapi for the 5th consecutive day, a video of survey went viral on social media

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Varanasi, 08 August: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) team completed the survey process for the fifth consecutive day on Tuesday evening in the Gyanvapi campus.

After the survey, along with the ASI team, the advocates for the plaintiff and the defendant also came out of the premises. The eyes of the whole country are fixed on this survey. Several videos and photographs related to the survey are becoming increasingly viral on various social networking sites.

In view of this, the survey process is being completed amidst tight security.

Senior advocate Vishnu Jain of the plaintiff Hindu side told the media persons that the district court has given four weeks time for the survey. Work is going on accordingly.

On the fifth day, the team surveyed all around the Gyanvapi campus.

Subhash Chaturvedi, the advocate of the plaintiff side, told the reporters that the ASI team is working in its own way. The team is surveying the entire campus. The survey is going on in the basement of Vyas ji of the campus. The facts are being collected, then the ASI will prepare the report.

On the fifth day, the ASI team surveyed the dome and the Vyas basement. The team surveyed by climbing the huge domes of Gyanvapi. People kept watching it standing on the road.

Sources said that the team prepared a carbon copy of the carving of the huge dome. The team drew on paper the style of niches found in the complex along the western wall. The team also scanned the artefacts found in the basement, the artefacts made near the steps of the domes. Along with the Shringar Gauri site, the northern and southern ends of Gyanvapi were also surveyed.

The video of the young man climbing the dome went viral

The video of a young man climbing the huge dome of Gyanvapi by using a ladder went viral throughout the day. It is clearly visible in the video that a young man was seen trying to climb the dome with the help of bamboo stairs. Some went upstairs, then came down the stairs and went inside after lifting the stairs.

The Hindu side objected to this video. On the other hand, the DGP of the state took immediate cognizance of this video and after taking information from the Varanasi police, it was found that the person who climbed the dome was part of the survey team only.

Despite this, the video remained in headlines on social media throughout the day.

SM Yasin, joint secretary of the respondent party Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Committee, described the survey process as satisfactory, but also expressed displeasure over the ongoing rhetoric. Before this, the officers of the ASI team have also advised to exercise restraint in this matter.