Approval of new ‘Tenancy Law’ in UP, no longer arbitrary increase in rent

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Lucknow, 08 January: The Yogi Cabinet of Uttar Pradesh on Friday approved the new tenancy law. Under this, landlords will no longer be able to increase the rent arbitrarily.

In fact, the Yogi government has enacted the Uttar Pradesh Urban Tenancy Regulation Ordinance-2021 to reduce the frequent disputes between landlord and tenants. This ordinance was approved today through cabinet by circulation.

According to a spokesperson of the state government, under this ordinance, no landlord will be able to give his house on rent to someone without contract. For settlement of any dispute between the landlord and the tenant, a provision has been made by the Rent Authority and Rent Tribunal, where the promises will be settled within a maximum of 60 days.

Also according to this ordinance no landlord will be able to increase the rent in an arbitrary manner. He can increase the rent by only five per cent for residential houses and only seven per cent in non-residential premises.