Anti- fascist protesters damage Democratic Party HQ in Portland

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Portland, January 22: Hours after President Joe Biden was sworn in as US President, protesters in Portland vandalized the Democratic Party’s local headquarters on Wednesday (local time) and damaged the building’s windows.

It was told that during the uproar, the protesters were raising slogans against the police and ‘fascist massacre’. Not only this, a large number of people present, we do not want Biden, we should change, we should also raise such slogans.

Several arrests were also made in Seattle, where protesters took violent forms, with many buildings damaged. Meanwhile, Portland police said eight people have been arrested on charges including criminal trespassing, possession of subversive equipment, rioting and setting fire.

The Democratic Party of Oregon issued a statement stating that this is not the first time our building has been ransacked during previous years. We did important work in previous events also; no such incident can hold us back from working.

According to The New York Times, about 200 leftist protesters in black shouted anti-government slogans for the killings and ‘fascist massacres’ by police officers and took the demonstrations to the streets of Portland. During this time, we don’t want Biden – we want revenge, that is, we don’t want Biden, we need revenge, such slogans were raised.

Let the protesters break the windows of the local headquarters of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, in Seattle, about 150 people marched with banners saying, end US immigration and customs enforcement, no police needed, no jail, eliminate borders, no president. ‘

Be aware, on 6 January Donald Trump’s supporters barged into the Capitol Building. During this, there was a clash between security forces and Trump supporters, in which five people were killed. Trump was blamed for the uproar in the Capital Building and a motion for impeachment was brought against him.

However, the motion alleged that his supporters were agitated by Trump’s speech. Videos of his speech were later removed from social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Twitter has even temporarily banned Trump.