Amazon India announces to open 1st floating store in Dal lake

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Srinagar,28 July: As a part of last point delivery programme ”I Have Space” Amazon India announces to open its first ever floating store in famous Dal Lake in Srinagar.

the store should be open in a house boat and will provide deliveries to its customers every day in Srinagar.

Murtaza Khan Kashi, owner of houseboat Selec Town, will deliver packages every day to customers at the doorstep of their houseboats as part of the onboarding.

Amazon Logistics, India, Director Karuna Shankar Pande said this will provide faster and reliable deliveries to customers across Srinagar, opportunities for small businesses and strengthen Amazon?s delivery network.

Launched in 2015, the ‘I Have Space’ programme has 28,000 neighbourhood and kirana partners in about 420 towns and cities in India. It partners with local stores and small businesses for delivering products within a 2 to 4 kilometres radius.