Allahabad High Court stays Rampur court order to demolish Jauhar University gate

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Prayagraj, 16 August: Allahabad High Court has stayed the order of Rampur Court to break the gate of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University.

According to advocate Safdar Ali Kazmi, this order has been given by Justice Ajit Kumar. According to advocate Safdar Ali Kazmi, the order to demolish the gate of Jauhar University was given by a court in Rampur on August 2.

Rampur District Judge Gaurav Kumar Srivastava, while upholding the order of the SDM Court to demolish the gate of Jauhar University, dismissed the appeals filed by the university.

In this case, Azam Khan was also fined around Rs 3.50 crore. The district court had reduced the fine to Rs 1.63 crore. A notice was also pasted at Azam Khan’s house for the recovery of the fine amount.

The demolition of the main gate of Jauhar University was pending in the district court for nearly two years.

On July 25, 2019, SDM Sadar had ordered to break the main gate of the university considering it illegal. After this, SP MP Azam Khan had taken refuge in the High Court.

Dismissing the petition filed in this case, the High Court had given permission to go to the District Court. Since then the matter was going on in the District Court.