All seven accused in Ushoshi Sengupta heckled case remanded to police custody

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Kolkata, 19 June: All the 7 accused youth who were arrested last night on charge of abusing, heckling and harassing a former Miss India -Universe and popular Super Model, remanded to police custody till 21 June by a city Civil Court here this evening.

According to the police here,these seven youth, aged between 19 and 21 years,were arrested after they intercepted the hired cab of model Ushoshi Sengupta near the Exide Crossing at around mid night last night and developed an unnecessary quarrel with the taxi driver before started beating him in front of her on filmy ground and despite her repeated protest.

But instead these youth refused to pay any heed and continued their assault on the driver while using filthy languages against her. Soon Sengupta rushed to the nearby Maidan Police station and requested  one of the officials there to accompany her to end the fight.

Though she was initially refused by the police stating that the area(where the incident had occurred) was not under their jurisdiction,but following her repeated requests two constables came the site. But seeing them the youths fled in their motorbikes. 

But unfortunately the matter did not end there as these youths followed Ushashis’s car up to her residence at Lake Gardens area in South Kolkata and even brickbated it damaging its window screen. They also abused the model once again with filthy languages and warned her of dire consequences. But without leaving the issue as her fate, the super model went to  the nearest police station well after midnight and lodged an FIR against the unidentified youth. Soon she posted the entire ordeal in the Social media platforms to make it a viral. 

Soon police swung into action and arrested all the seven culprits within hours and presented them before the judicial magistrate at the Judges court at Alipur today.The Magistrate after hearing from both sides,remanded all the accused to police custody till 21 June. 

I thank Kolkata Police from the core of my heart for such a prompt action and hope that there would be no such incident in future in this City of Joy, considered to among the safest in the world’, Ushoshi later said through another post in Social media.

But according to the police,altogether ten youth were involved in the crime and all out efforts were being made  to arrest the remaining three soon.

Now, it remains to  be seen what action would be taken against the perpetrators of such a heinous crime against women and innocent cab driver in a safe city like Kolkata.