After the arrest of 8 Rohingyas, UP Police to begin verification of tenants drive at border districts

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Gorakhpur, 21 June: After the arrest of eight Rohingyas in Uttar Pradesh, the police have started to work on the strategy of verification of tenants in search of them.

It is believed that the police have taken this step on the basis of bitter experiences found in the border districts. Terrorists caught on the Sonauli border and recently a Rohingya named Azimullah, who was arrested in Sant Kabirnagar, increased the difficulties of the police.

The UP ATS had arrested Azizullah, a Rohingya resident in Samarth village in Sant Kabir Nagar district, on January 06 this year. After this, on February 28, Mohammad Farooq and Hasan, living on Kamela Road in Aligarh, were caught. Farooq’s brother Shahid was nabbed from Unnao on March 1. ATS has also got information about Shahid’s brother-in-law Zubair.

It is worth mentioning that the passport of Rohingya Azimullah, who was caught in Sant Kabir Nagar, was made in Gorakhpur. In the case, the ATS detained and interrogated several touts of the Gorakhpur Passport Office. The investigation in the matter is still on.

ADG Akhil Kumar said that the police are serious about all kinds of crimes, not only Rohingyas. Many terrorists have also been caught on the Sonauli border. A Rohingya has also been killed in Sant Kabirnagar. There is a strategy for verification of such tenants. Many problems will be solved by themselves by allowing it. It has been decided to conduct a campaign in the districts of the zone to verify the people living in rented houses.

Major terrorists caught from Sonauli border

In 1991, Deputy Commander of Khalistan Area Force Sukhbir Singh

In 1991, Bhaga Singh and Ajmer Singh of Khalistan Liberation Front were arrested on the Badhni border of Nepal.

– Terrorist Tiger Memon in 1993

– ISI agent Yasia Begum in 1995

– Asim Ali and four terrorists in 2000

– In 2002, a cache of cartridges was caught near the Parasamlik police station, which was sent by the MCC militants of Bihar to the Maoists of Nepal.

Arrest of Lashkar terrorist Sadat Rashid Masood Alam in 2007

– Arrest of Mumbai terrorists Noorbaksh and Ishtiaq alias Shaitan in 2009

– Arrest of terrorist Liaquat Ali Shah in 2013

Arrest of most wanted terrorist Yasin Bhatkal, accused of killing 140 people in terror attacks in 2013

Abdul Karim Tunda was also arrested in Uttarakhand on the open border of Nepal.