Afghanistan crisis: Hindus and Sikhs to be brought back to India as soon as flight services resume in Kabul airport: The Ministry of External Affairs

New Delhi, August 16: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has apprised that civilian flights from Kabul airport in Afghanistan remained closed on Monday and arrangements will be made to bring Hindu and Sikh people from there to India as soon as the flights resume.

The MEA and the Embassy are in constant touch with the representatives of the Hindu and Sikh communities and arrangements will be made to bring those who wish to leave Afghanistan to India.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that there are many Afghan nationals who have been our allies in bilateral relations such as development and educational activities, India will stand by them. The spokesman’s statement indicates that some Afghan civilians may also be evacuated.

The spokesperson said that India is monitoring developments in Afghanistan at a high level. The Government will make every effort to protect Indian citizens and its interests in Afghanistan.

He said that due to the closure of civilian flights on Monday, the work of bringing people to India has stopped, as soon as air flights resume, this work will start again.

The MEA has further said that it has issued advisories from time to time to ensure the safety of Indian citizens. People were told that he should return to India immediately. Emergency contact numbers were issued to assist Indian citizens and all possible help was provided.

The spokesman said that we have information that there are still some Indian nationals present in Afghanistan who want to return home, the embassy is in touch with them.

The Foreign Ministry said that the security situation in Afghanistan has worsened during the last few days. Even now, events are changing rapidly.

This was the first statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on developments in Afghanistan since the fall of Kabul. It did not comment on the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan.

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