Actor Vikrant Massey apologizes for old Lord Ram-Sita cartoon tweet, says, never my intention to hurt Hindu community

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The film ’12th Fail’ was very popular in 2023. This film was well received by the audience and critics. Vikrant Massey was in the lead role in this film based on the life of IPS officer Manoj Sharma. Vikrant is in the news for a different matter. Vikrant had to publicly apologize to everyone regarding an old tweet.

Actor Vikrant Massey apologizing

An old tweet of Vikrant has gone viral. In the year 2018, Vikrant had shared a cartoon of the conversation between Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. In which he told Lord Rama that he was happy that he was kidnapped by Ravana and not by his devotees. Along with this post, the actor had written in the caption that “Half-baked potatoes and half-baked nationalists will only cause stomach ache.”

Vikrant had to apologize on social media for this old viral tweet. Vikrant tweeted, “Regarding one of my 2018 tweets, I would like to say something… It was never my intention to hurt, defame or insult the Hindu community. Vikrant wrote in his apology that I humbly “I apologize to everyone who was angry. You all know that I keep all faiths and religions supreme. As time passes we reflect on our mistakes. Same thing happened with me recently.

” In an interview, Vikrant Massey had given information about growing up in a family of followers of many religions. His family members follow different religions.

Talking about Vikrant, the film ’12th Fail’ brought him fame. And for this he was declared the best actor. Vikrant has recently become a father and is enjoying his fatherhood.