A Muslim artisan is preparing a bell to be placed at Ram Temple in Ayodhya

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Bhurra Mistry, a Muslim artisan designing and framing a Bell to be placed at grand Ram temple in Ayodhya

Ambuj Tripathi


Etah, 13 November: Bhurra Mistry, a Muslim artisan from Etah district of Uttar Pradesh is designing and framing a temple bell weigh around 2100 kg to be placed at Ram Temple whose construction will begin soon in Ayodhya.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, the bell, which is to be placed in the grand Ram temple of Ramlala in Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh, is getting ready in Jalesar Nagar in Etah district. This bell will weigh around 2100 kg. It is expected to be ready in the next two months.

A frame designed for a bell

Jalesar entrepreneur and cityโ€™s municipal president Vikas Mittal, under whose supervision the bell is taking shape, told that this bell is made of mixed metals called copper, zinc, aluminum and lead will be 7 feet high and 5 feet in diameter. This will be the biggest bell ever made in his factory. Its construction will cost about 12 to 15 lakh rupees.

According to Vikas Mittal, he got this bellโ€™s order from a businessman from Varanasi. According to entrepreneur Mittal, 500 kilogram to 1500 kilogram bells manufactured in his factory are currently placed in many famous temples in the country. The bell that Prime Minister Narendra Modi took for offering in Kedarnath was also manufactured in this factory.

Prime Minister Modi during his religious tour to Kedarnath had presented a bell (seen in a photo) .

Apart from this, the bell,  during the visit of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to Etah was presented, is presently placed in Gorakhnath Peeth Temple. However, This bell which is going to be fixed in grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, will be the largest of the bells they have produced till date.

A major feature of this bell to be placed at Ram temple in Ayodhya is that its design and framing has been done by a Muslim artisan Bhurra Mistry in about 15 days. According to Mittal, the casting work on the frame will be completed in the next two months. Mittal is also convinced that he will get the responsibility of constructing the other bells to be hanged in the Ram temple.