9 lakh health workers to be vaccinated in first phase in UP

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Lucknow, 03 January: Dry-run of corona vaccination will be done at six locations in all 75 districts of the state on January 5, after testing the preparation for corona vaccination with success in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow.

However, Out of the six locations in each district, dry-run will be carried out in three urban and three rural areas of the district.

To make the rehearsal of this vaccination foolproof, Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health of the state Amit Mohan Prasad has written a letter to all the Commissioners and District Magistrates (DM) of the state.

Meanwhile, nine lakh health workers are to be vaccinated during the first phase in the state. For this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to make a foolproof system of vaccination.

Under this, preparations for corona vaccination were tested in Lucknow on Saturday and now on January 5, the corona vaccination rehearsal (dry run) will be done at six places in all 75 districts of the state.

To complete this campaign successfully, in a letter sent to all the Commissioners and DMs of the state, what has to be done to make the dry run of Corona vaccination foolproof? What are the special things to be kept in mind for the vaccination dry run and what arrangements are to be made? It is mentioned in detail in the letter.

Accordingly, the Commissioners and the District Magistrates have been asked to make arrangements to make Corona vaccination rehearsal in the district to be foolproof.

According to this letter, to make the dry-run of Covid vaccination campaign foolproof, all the divisional and district magistrates have been asked to inspect those sites and ensure that syringes etc. should be reached on time for vaccination. The district has been asked to make proper arrangements for vaccination rooms and seating of people, etc. at the places identified for vaccination.

The vaccination team has been asked to make arrangements to reach the vaccination site 45 minutes in advance ie at 9.15 am. The dry run will begin at 10 am and continue until all the beneficiaries are present.

Officials have been asked to ensure that the vaccine, syringes, AEFI kits and other logistics reach the venue in time.

It has been written in the letter that in order to prevent any obstruction in this vaccination campaign, it would be good to appoint sector officers, as is done during the election.

Dry-run should be started on time under the supervision of such officers. People should be informed on time to arrive on time for vaccination. Sector officials have also been asked to inspect the sites a day in advance. Safety and storage of vaccine for vaccination, on-site transportation arrangements have also been asked to be ensured during vaccination.

During this dry-run of corona vaccination, the performance of the staff, the system of the vaccination center, the registration of the patient, the methods of vaccination, etc. can be assessed. If there are any deficiencies, then they will be rectified in time. Efforts are being made on a war footing from the government level to successfully complete this drive of corona vaccination. This paper has been written in this sequence so that there will be no shortage at any level.