65 elderly artists of UP to get pension by Central Government first time

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Lucknow, 31 March: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given a big gift to the elderly and disenchanted folk artists of Uttar Pradesh.

However, the efforts made by the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the first time in the history of the state, not only a pension of Rs. four thousand has been sanctioned to 65 artists from the Central Government, but also to them and their dependents, a health insurance cover of Rs. one crore has also been approved.

Not only will this, by the end of this year, two thousand more such artists be given the benefit of pension and insurance in the state.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked public forums several times to promote folk art and folk artists. His love for the upliftment of folk art and folk artists is not hidden from anyone. In view of this, several schemes are being operated at the state level to promote folk art and folk artists.

Apart from this, Chief Minister Yogi has given such an old and wealthy artist who has devoted his entire life to art and culture, but due to old age and poor health, he has been unable to earn his living. Two thousand rupees pension is being given every month by the Culture Department under the ‘Monthly Pension Scheme to Old and Disabled Artists’.

In this regard, Director of the Department of Culture, Shishir Singh said that so far 376 old and destitute artists are being given pension from the Department of Culture in the state. With the help of the central government, this year it will be extended further and two thousand such artists will be given a pension of four thousand rupees per month and health insurance cover of one crore rupees.

Central government approved for the first time

Director Shishir said that for the first time through the efforts of CM Yogi, the Central Government has given health insurance up to Rs one crore including pension and family to 65 elderly and disenfranchised artists of the state. In the “Scheme for Pension and Medical Aid to Artist” by the Ministry of Culture, pension is being given to elderly artists who have made significant contribution in the field of art and literature, but living in hardship and poverty due to old age.

Artists’ pensionโ€™s increased and insurance benefits were also received

He told that 372 old and disabled artists were given Rs. 2000 per month as pension on behalf of the state government, but now they will get four thousand rupees per month due to central government scheme. Also, health insurance benefits will also be available. Due to this, the budget of the Culture Department will be saved as pension and other artists will also be given pension.

These are the conditions for eligibility

To avail the benefit of the Central Government scheme, only those artists can apply for pensions, who are being given at least five hundred rupees pension from the concerned state and their application forms were sent to the central government by the concerned state Are.