61 cows die mysteriously, 7 arrested; UP minister visits cow shelter

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Lucknow, 5 August: Animal Husbandry Minister Dharam Pal Singh reached Amroha after 61 cows died mysteriously at a cow shelter in the Hasanpur region.

The fatalities which started on Thursday, led Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to initiate an investigation and urge Singh to travel to Amroha.

District Magistrate BK Tripathi informed journalists that the cows were unwell on Thursday after consuming fodder. The preliminary inquiry, he added, “found a lapse on the part of the VDO, who has been suspended. It has come to light that the fodder was obtained without appropriate process from a new vendor named as Tahir.”

Animal Husbandry Department officials and veterinarians were dispatched to the area to treat the livestock. Aditya Langeh, Superintendent of Police, eventually verified that more than 61 cows perished in the shelter. He informed that seven people have been arrested.

“An FIR has been filed against Tahir, and efforts are being undertaken to apprehend him,” added the DM. “The village development official in-charge of the cow shelter has been suspended.?

?After taking cognizance of the death of cows in Amroha, Chief Minister Adityanath has asked the animal husbandry minister to go the area,” the CM’s Office tweeted on its Twitter handle. According to the office, the chief minister has directed that a team of vets be dispatched to treat the sick cows. Another tweet stated, “The CM has stated that anyone found guilty would not be spared.”