6081 positive cases of Covid-19 in rural UP, confirm by Covid testing teams

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Covid testing of 257845 people held at block level.

Members of the committees reached to 31937797 houses.

Medical kits delivered to 374685 patients.

Mobile Covid test teams confirmed 6081 positive cases.

Lucknow, 13 May: Monitoring committees have become a shield in preventing the spread of coronavirus pandemic in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. These committees are engaged in a three-way battle to eliminate the coronavirus in every village.

On Thursday, a spokesman of the state government said that on the instructions of the Yogi government, 60,000 monitoring committees have reached 03 crore 19 lakh 37 thousand 797 houses. The block-level Covid testing drive has examined 257845 people. Medical Kits have been provided to 374685 patients. At the same time, 6081 positive cases were confirmed by the Mobile Covid Test teams.

He informed that four lakh members of the committees are reaching the house of one person each day. Members of the monitoring committees involved in breaking the Covid-19 chain have visited 31937797 houses in the districts from May 09 to May 12. The number of target houses has been found to be 33069010.

He said that people with symptoms of the disease are being treated immediately. Guidelines of medical kits to stay in home Isolation are being introduced. Those who cannot live in the houses are being given free treatment facilities at schools, community centres and health centres in the village itself.

The spokesman said that a large-scale sanitation drive is going on in rural areas to prevent infectious diseases, including Covid-19. UP is the first state in the country to undertake such a campaign in the state.