333 accounts of Pakistanis closed by Twitter, spreading lies on Kashmir

Islamabad ,Sep 05: After the removal of Article 377 in Kashmir, 333 accounts spreading rumors have been closed by Twitter. The Government of Pakistan accepted this and said that Twitter has suspended all these 333 accounts. India had complained to Twitter that false and inflammatory things were being spread through these Pakistani Twitter accounts about Jammu and Kashmir.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) raised the issue in front of the Twitter administration , protesting the suspension of these 333 accounts . The PTA has described this Twitter action as discriminatory. In a statement issued by the PTA, Pakistani social media users have been told that if posting on Kashmir, another user’s account is suspended, then he must inform the PTA. 

The PTA has so far received 333 complaints of this nature. The PTA has petitioned Twitter to restart these accounts. However, only 67 of them have been reintroduced. Pitbhai said that Twitter has neither officially responded to this nor given any reason to suspend these accounts.

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