15-year-old Christian girl forcibly converted to Muslim in Pakistan

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Islamabad, Sept.07 : Forced conversions have once again come to light in Pakistan. The father of a Christian girl from Punjab province here has alleged that the principal of his daughter’s school has forcibly converted his daughter to Islam. The girl’s name is Phyera. According to the father, the principal of the daughter’s school took them to a madarsa in Sheikhpura district, about 50 km from Lahore, forcibly converted the daughter.

The name of the principal is Salima Bibi. The father has filed a police report against him.

According to the father, his daughter was forcibly taken away from the seminary. The family was not allowed to meet her. They complained to the Human Rights Minister of Punjab province. After this, an FIR was registered and the girl child was freed from the madarsa.