‘Mann Ki Baat’: Chat with Lataji akin to a younger brother speaking to his elder sister: Modi

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Prime Minister wishes legendary playback singer Lata Mangeshkar on her birthday

Video credit: DD News

New Delhi, Sept 29 : Before leaving for the ‘successful’ US tour for a week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “blessed with an opportunity to converse” with none other than the iconic personality and legendary playback singer Lata Mangeshkar on the phone to convey his best wishes on her birthday i.e 28th September.

In his popular radio programme “Mann Ki Baat” today, Modi shared his views about “the great personality of the country, cherished by all Indians with respect and affection from the core of their hearts.” He said, “There must be hardly an Indian citizen who does not show deep regard for her, does not revere her. She is elder to most of us and has been a witness to myriad phases, different eras the country has passed through. We address her as “DIDI”, elder sister…. Lata Didi.”

Lata Mangeshkar turned ninety this 28th of September. “Before leaving on the foreign tour, I was blessed with an opportunity to converse with her on the phone. This chat was akin to a younger brother speaking to his elder sister affectionately. Lata Didi is earnestly concerned and eager about everything concerning the country. Her satisfaction and reassurance too, lies in the progress being made by India; the India on the path of change; the India that is gaining newer heights,” added Modi.

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