25k antiviral drug Remdesivir injections arrived in Lucknow

Chief Minister Yogi sent his state plane to Ahmedabad.

There will no longer be a shortage of Remdesivir injection in Uttar Pradesh.

The Chief Minister himself is reviewing the availability of medicines in the districts.

Lucknow, 14 April: On Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s directions,a team of health department has procured 25,000 doses of Remdesivir injection from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Also, the CM has directed to increase the availability of Remdesivir injection across the state. In this regard, he has also sought a report from the Health Department.

For the third time, Chief Minister Yogi has sent the state plane to Ahmedabad to bring Remdesivir injection, considered key antiviral drug in fight against Covid-19.

Earlier, on June 9 last year, Yogi had sent the state plane to Goa to order TrueNat machines for Covid test. Medical equipment was ordered from Bangalore on April 7 by sending a state aircraft. This has not been generally seen in any government before.

He has directed the Health Department to ensure that people receive Remdesivir injections at prescribed rates in the market. He has ordered that there should be no shortage of other medicines used to treat corona in the state.

On the instructions of CM Yogi, the availability of eight drugs used in the treatment of corona, including Remdesivir injection is being monitored. The availability of Remdesivir, Ivermectin, Paracetamol, Doxycycline, Azithromycin, vitamin C, zinc tablets, vitamin B complex and vitamin D3 has been ensured in every district of the state.

In order to ensure that there is no shortage of these medicines in any district, the officials of the Health Department have talked to the pharmaceutical companies.

A spokesperson of the government said that these companies have been told that in any case, there may be no shortage of medicines used to treat corona. There should be adequate stock of medicines in every district. For this, the information of availability of medicines in every district is also being made by the officers of the Health Department, so that there is no shortage of any medicines.

He said that CM Yogi has decided to ensure the availability of all medicines used in the treatment of Corona, including Remdesivir, with which the Health Department officials are focusing on the supply of medicines used in the treatment of Corona. And these officers are negotiating with the office bearers of the drug dealer organization to ensure the availability of medicines.

Remdesivir injections available in sufficient quantity in the state

According to the state’s Drug Controller, Dr AK Jain, seven Indian companies in the country are producing Remdesivir injections in the country under a voluntary licensing agreement with Messrs Gilead Sciences America. The health departments have approached these companies and asked them to make more and more Remdesivir injections available to the state. These companies have assured to provide more injections as per the need of the state at the earliest. At present, there is a sufficient amount of Remdesivir injection and its dose is being given to serious patients.

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