Imran Mansoori posing as ‘Hindu’ boy Rahul Gujjar attempts ‘Love Jihad’, arrested in UP

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Moradabad, 24 May: Another example of love jihad has been revealed when police apprehended Imran Mansoori, who disguised as a Hindu boy called Rahul Gujjar in order to trap a juvenile Hindu girl in a romance. The youngster was picked up from a hotel in the city’s Budh Bazar district.

The police have filed an FIR against the accused and charged him under several sections of the Indian Penal Code and the POCSO Act.

According to reports, the accused youth set up a bogus Instagram account under the name Rahul Gujjar. He then struck up a chat with a Hindu minor girl studying in 12th grade. The boy allegedly enticed the girl into a love affair and invited her to meet him.

Later, the accused drove her to a hotel in the city’s Budh Bazar district. The accused provided a different ID in the name of Imran, which the girl spotted.

When questioned, he said that he had made a phone ID card in the name of a Hindu in order for people not to recognise him. Hearing their conversation, the hotel manager grew concerned and recognised that the girl was a juvenile.

He quickly phoned some Hindu group members and alerted the police. The police conducted an investigation and discovered that the accused was a Muslim who had set up a phoney Instagram account in the name of a Hindu in order to trap a female in a love affair.

Imran’s phone had photographs of Hindu minors wearing hijabs, which police retrieved. The police eventually discovered that his real identity was Imran Mansoori. The accused has been charged with defrauding and kidnapping a Hindu underage girl. The accused has been charged under the relevant provisions of the IPC and the POCSO Act. More investigations are being conducted.