US issues second code travel advisory for citizens visiting India

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Washington, October 09: The United States has issued advisories for India visit four times this year. The US has currently issued a yellow code advisory, under which US citizens planning to visit India have been advised to be more careful.

The US State Department several years ago divided travel advisories into four color codes. The first (blue) code means the safest place to travel. Under the second (yellow) code, US citizens are advised to be more careful when travelling. Under the third (orange) code, the US advises its citizens to reconsider before traveling to that country. The fourth (red) code advises US citizens not to travel to the country concerned.

The US on January 24 advised its citizens to reconsider before travelling to India under the third (orange) code. After this, the US has issued a continuous travel advisory since March 28, reducing it from the third code to the second (yellow) code, it has been extended twice, on July 25 and October 5. Thus, the US has issued four travel advisories this year on January 24, March 28, July 25 and October 5.

Usually a second and sometimes third stage travel advisory is issued for India. During the Corona crisis in April, 2021, under the fourth (red) code, American citizens were advised not to go to India. US travel advisories depend on many factors. Most prominent among these are the situation in the country concerned, public health concerns, law and order situation, terrorism, relations with that country and the season of travel.

The US is currently continuing advisories with India’s neighbours Afghanistan and Myanmar for the fourth phase, Pakistan and China for the third phase. The US has issued advisories for the second phase for Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka, while the first phase for Bhutan.