F-16 maintenance only to fight against terrorism: USA assures India

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Washington, 28 September: The US again explained to Foreign Minister S Jaishankar that the financial assistance to Pakistan for Fighter Planes F-16 maintenance is for fighting terrorism. The US extended financial help of $450 million for maintenance of F-16, to which India raised objection.

The US stated that “strengthening Pakistan for fighting against terrorism is our responsibility”.

The US President Joe Biden had sanctioned $450 million to Pakistan. The help was extended against the decision of former President Donald Trump. Jaishankar had raised the issue and spoken against the help for maintenance of F-16, which threatens international border security.

US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken stated that the money was given for maintenance of F-16. Blinken and Jaishankar, in a joint press conference stated terrorism born and groomed in Pakistan is a clear threat. Let it be Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or IS or Al-Qaeda, “fighting against them is responsibility of all of us. We should be equipped to handle these threats”.

A day after discussion with Pakistan Foreign Minister Balawal Bhutto, Blinken stated that the US inspires all its friends to sort out all issues through diplomatic discussions.