N-95 masks with valved respirators not effective against coronavirus

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Centre wrote letter to states and union territories regarding the use of N-95 masks

New Delhi, July 21: The Union Health Ministry has issued a warning regarding the N-95 mask.

According to the ministry, the filters in N-95 are not effective in preventing coronavirus, so do not use masks that have holes or filters.

In this regard, the Centre has issued a warning to all the states and union territories by writing a letter.

Rajiv Garg, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, has written to the Chief Secretaries of Health and Medical Education of the states that it has been observed that N-95 masks are being misused by the public and health workers, especially the mask that has holes. These can prove to be ineffective in protecting against the coronavirus.

In a letter written by Rajiv Garg, it is advised to use more of homemade masks and follow the instructions of face masks available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The letter states that filters containing masks do not act as a deterrent to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, using these masks does not allow virus to go outside the mask. People are being appealed not to misuse the N-95 mask and use as much of the homemade mask as possible.