Famous Padma Madhva temple in Prayagraj witnesses low turnout of devotees due to Covid-19

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Prayagraj, July 20: Padma Madhava Temple also known as ‘Sujavan Dev Temple’ is mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts Puranas. However, it is believed that the ‘Darshan’ of Chitrakoot Dham is accomplished only after when devotees first pay obeisance to Baba Sujavan temple.

According to the temple priest, every year in the auspicious month of ‘Sawan’ or ‘Shravan’, devotees of lord Shiva arrive to perform Jalabhishek but due to the fear of coronavirus spread, the footfall of devotees has reduced to minimum.

There is a very ancient Shiva temple in the Bhita hill area in Bikar Deoria village, situated on the banks of river Yamuna, about 22 kilometres from district headquarters. With the change in nature, the temple has come into the flow of Yamuna river.

It is believed that Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, while going to exile crossed Yamuna river from Prayag to Chitrakoot and placed the first foot outside the water here and worshiped Lord Shiva by establishing the ‘Shivalinga’ here. During this time, Sita prepared food for everyone. However, at present Sita-Rasoi (kitchen of Sita) has submerged in the Yamuna water.

Description of Padma Madhav is found in Kurma Purana

The priest of the temple, Gyanendra Goswami, said that the description of the very ancient Shiva temple is found in the Kurma Purana (named after the tortoise avatar of Lord Vishnu) in which the mention of Padma Madhava Temple is found. Padma Madhava is also mentioned in the Matsya Purana (named after half-human and half-fish avatar of Lord Vishnu). The temple of Shringar Devi and Gauraiya Mata is also here.

Mughal era invaders also tried to destroy the temple

It is said that an attempt was made to destroy the ancient Shivalinga and the temple during the Mughal period, but it is still in existence. Akbar built the fort in Prayagraj and Fatehpur Sikri from the same stones available on the hills here.

Not only this, the story of Shuja-ud-Din, Nawab of Bengal, who also tried to demolish the temple complex first, but left it in fear of the presence of big snake near the temple.

Meanwhile, electric poles of light by roadside have also been installed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to reach here as part of the development drive of religious places in the state of Uttar Pradesh.