Lockdown Day 14: Yogi government new master plan to fight against COVID-19

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Patients without COVID-19 symptoms will be treated in a rented building adjacent to the hospital instead of isolation ward

314 cases of corona infection in Uttar Pradesh, 166 cases of Tablighi Jamaat

Lucknow, April 07: Increase in the number of corona cases due to Tablighi Jamaat in the state, the Yogi government has put a new action plan on the ground.

Under this, counselling related to cases of depression and stress has also been started on helpline number of the Health Department.

The new initiative will enable people to get proper advice for relieving mental stress.

With this, in view of the arrival of large number of patients without having symptoms of COVID-19, they will now be treated in another building close to the hospital instead of Isolation Ward meant for COVID-19 patients.

On the other hand, if there are less cases of corona infection in the divisions then Divisional Commissioners can issue orders to all the patients for treatment in one hospital, so that the human capacity at different hospitals can be saved and used in its right place.

So far, 1551 people of Tablighi Jamaat have been marked, 1257 quarantined

Meanwhile, more than fifty percent of the total cases are related to the Jamaatis.

The number of corona-infected patients reached 314 by Tuesday afternoon, of which 166 cases belong to members of Jamaat.

Earlier on Monday, the total number of cases was 305, with this, the number of infected Jamaatis are159.

 Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Home Awanish Awasthi said on Tuesday that 1551 people of the Jamaat have been identified so far. Of these, 1257 have been quarantined. These include 232 in Meerut, 227 in Bareilly, 106 in Kanpur, 213 in Varanasi, 92 in Lucknow, 131 in Agra, 17 in Prayagraj, 213 in Gorakhpur, 24 in Lucknow Commissionerate and 26 cases in Gautam Budh Nagar.

Awasthi urged to Jamaatis that that if any member of Jammat have left somewhere, then they themselves should come out of front.

However, appealing to the public, ACS said if people are aware about the presence of Jamaatis in their area, then they should inform the police station, control room or the government, so that they can be quarantined.

Out of 6073 test samples, 5595 reported negative

Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Amit Mohan Prasad said that the corona virus has spread in 37 districts so far. However, 6073 test samples have been sent to the lab, out of which 5595 reported to be negative.

Group of 100 counselors formed to tackle cases of depression in people

He informed that in a new initiative taken by the government from Tuesday, counseling has been started in the health department on helpline 18001805145 regarding depression, stress.

Any person, who is currently suffering from depression or feels stressed due to any reason, can call this helpline. We have formed a group consisting of 100 counselors. On getting a call in this regard, he or she will be linked to a counselor, from whom a person will be benefited on getting correct advice.

Patients without symptoms will be treated in lodge, hotel, and hostel

Prasad further added that in about 75 percent of the cases, people did not have symptoms of the virus, but when they were tested for COVID-19, they were found to be infected.

For the treatment of the disease, we have made a new strategy under this, the arrangement of 10,000 isolation beds has been done. For this, we will take any lodge, hotel or hostel etc. building on rent near the hospital for treatment. Our team of medical staff will be ready there.

Although, in these rented Isolation beds, we will treat patients without symptoms of coronavirus. This will enable hospital beds to be used for serious patients coming to the hospitals. In this way we will arrange 10,000 more beds.

If there are less patients with Mandalay, they can shift to a hospital

Under the three-tier system, treatment of patients infected with corona has been made at level-1, level-2, level-3 hospitals in the state, informed Prasad.   

He said that in every district, a Community Health Centres (CHCs) has been made Level-1 COVID-19 hospitals.

In Lucknow, two CHCs, one at Mohanlalganj will be 30-beds level-1 dedicated hospital for COVID-19 patients; similarly another at Malihabad, 30 beds dedicated hospital is ready for COVID-19 patients.  

Similarly, there are 51 hospitals including 06 dedicated hospitals and 45 medical colleges in Level-2 and 06 hospitals for serious patients in Level-3.

In this system, in the event of having one patient in the entire hospital or two-three patients in five districts now can be shifted to one hospital on the orders of the Divisional Commissioners. This will reduce the load on hospitals, while the remaining staff will also be safer. If necessary, that team of medical staff can be deployed elsewhere.