Only ten and a half days for hearing on Ayodhya land dispute,otherwise the chance of giving verdict ends: CJI

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New Delhi , Sep 26 : Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi made a big comment on Thursday in the Ayodhya Land dispute -Babri Masjid case. The Chief Justice said that the hearing in the Ayodhya case must be over by October 18. If the hearing is not completed by October 18, the chance of passing judgment will end.

Thursday is the 32nd day of hearing on the Ayodhya case in the Supreme Court. As soon as the hearing of the case started on Thursday, first Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi put forward his opinion on the matter. The Chief Justice once again mentioned that the hearing of this case must end by October 18. If we gave the decision in four weeks, it would be a miracle of sorts.

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that if the hearing is not over by October 18, then the chance of passing judgment will be over. During the hearing, the Chief Justice said that including today (Thursday), we have only 10 and a half days left to finish the hearing.